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And here you go my wonderful UK based buddies.....

That's the PSVR Bundle I got but at Argos, so value in REAL money is £210 (wow for once we didn't get ripped off here....mine was actually cheaper)

I have to say, it has EXCEEDED my expectations. It's crazy good, and I only have PS4 original, NOT PS4 Pro.

You have to at least find a mate who has one and TRY it. You dont get any idea of how good it is by watching YouTube videos. You have to just try it. Trust me!

Last Night was Playing:

OMG the game that sold heaps of original PSONe's is now selling the PSVR. You have no idea how crazy it is to feel like you're sitting on a hover race car zooming down the track.

And then even just hitting "photo mode" and standing up, and looking's just surreal.

No this is not my first VR experience ever. But my God, for the price, it's 100% one of the best.

Astro Bot VR:
Didn't have ANY expectations for this as I really dont see the value of a VR platformer. VR is for FIRST PERSON IMHO........
And then I fired this up for giggles.....and OMG, I'm ashamed to say, I was instantly hooked. Such crazy fun. just works.

My kids love it too (when I say kids, they're 18 years old) which is good as part of my justification was "they boys will use it too".

And yes...yes they will.

And in keeping with all things Nostalgia, I'm at work, nearing the end of the day, wishing it was "home time" so I can once again rush home and "play".

Ah what a time to be alive

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