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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post

Waiting on tips how to initiate and win that battle...

Be honest and say it like it is.

I've put off getting one since they first came out, always waiting for the great bundle, which this is.

I can't say she was "happy", but she "understood"...and that's a "yes" in my book

Another strategy is the compromise...that's how I got my Porsche
"ok fine...I wont buy a 1990's about this much cheaper Porsche?"

See how it works?

So for PSVR you COULD go in with "ok you know how I've wanted to spend $1000 on a VIVE like.....FOREVER......maybe that's not sensible after all. Maybe I should just get the PSVR, if that's ok with you my wonderful?"

Or fk it.....just go out and buy it lol.
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