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Originally Posted by lovebus5 View Post
Munchkin or Super Bee on the Philips G7000 (Magnavox 2) for me as well I loved that console, but once friends started having NES, I was embarrased to even show it
I'm deffo going to pick up another one. They are so cheap on ebay as everyone hated them lol.

The killer is, the controllers would break, but they were hard wired to the mb in the machine. screw driver and soldering iron? As we say over here... "she'll be right".

(actually one says that....well some do.)

Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
Probably BattleZone Atari 2600

Nice game and pretty good box art.

And here we are in 2019 and Battlezone is on my Christmas list lol.

But for PSVR
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