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"When I'm using Dopus under WinUAE the windows mounted HDD icon on the desktop won't open and asks for what command arguments to use."

Yes, mounting another partition on the Cf appart of AmiKit uses a def icon that has a problem with Magellan, don't not why yet, so it doesn't let you open it. I had it deleted before the release, but it was finally added. I've told Jan to fix this in the next one. By now what you can do is use CopyIcon on screen and select another icon for that partition.
Edit: You can use CopyIcon to use the right icon, attached here.

"Another issue under scalos a terminal window "scalos output window" comes up with the error on startup:

Error 13 in line 4 : Host environment not found"

It's curious that message, as I've got the same with another installation completely different using a BPPC and a BVision, so it seems it has any corrupted file, as making right the installation you don't have that problem. I will try with the beta installer, perhaps it gives that problem. Edit: No, not here with WinUAE.

So in your place I would make the installation again over a clean OS3.9, as you made the first bad. If you want to be sure use the installation described in the Web, unpacking the installer on Windows over the PC archive where you have to have OS3.9, not in WinUAE.

"But looking amazing great work, the beta installer is also a cleaner way and worked first time :-)".

Glad you liked it. What accelerator are you using?

EDIT: Stop before you install it again. Please tell me: Had you installed in OS3.9 the Boing Bag 4? Because in my install with BPPC and Bvision I was having that message, and it was the program "THE" installed by BB4 on the WBStartup the culprit.
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