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@ heavy - OK fair enough. I realised what you were saying in relation to setting the cust regs base in a5 again in the interrupt, I just didn't see how it related to the question I posted.

Sorry, it was me getting confused with what you were saying rather than you saying something wrong!

@ Asman - Cheers for checking it out, much appreciated!

For point 1 - I'll check it out and see if I can sort it, thanks.

For point 2 - It's probably complicated cos I only half know what I'm doing! My thinking was that if I make a big colour table and then directly copy the values from this table into the copper colour moves with the blitter then I just get those colours copied sequentially in a loop. However by taking separate red, green & blue values and using the blitter to combine them before pushing them into the colour moves I thought I might be able to do some more clever things later like stepping through the different tables at different speeds to get different combinations of colours and (hopefully) some more interesting combinations. Might be right, might be wrong but there's no harm in playing and trying things out.

For point a - Regarding comment delimeters I'm starting to agree with you. I prefer ; over * recently too - I'm going to change my source codes to only use ;

For point b - I've always tried to build my source codes so that they are self contained which is why I use my own list of equates for the custom register offsets. That way if someone grabs any of my sources to learn with / play with / modify then they only need my source code to assemble something working. I hate getting source codes and finding I can't assemble them cos half the files I need are missing.

For point c & d - I know the way I do take and restore of the OS is lazy and probably lame coding but I do it that way cos it works for me and I'm mainly interested in playing with the routines themselves than with getting my code to be perfect in terms of startup etc. Regarding sending me your routines, anything you can share will, as always, be much appreciated. Thanks mate.
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