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Building WarpOS binaries on classic / 3.x

Hello fellow EAB'ers,

It seems most developers have left, thus this long-time lurker comes running here ;-)

Finally I have succeeded in getting gcc 2.95.3 up and running and successfully compiling C code on 68K. Have not tried anything too fancy but it compiles, spits out an "a.out" binary that actually runs. Nice...

Now that I have that working I want to get the PPC/WarpOS part up and running. I have the 5 archives containing the add-ons installed successfully, meaning that I should have a compiler that can create PPC code running on 68K...

I can do a "ppc-amigaos-gcc -warpup --version" and it tells me nicely that it is 2.95.3 etc. Now when I actually try to compile my hello.c, it bails out on me... The 68K compiler runs fine, no issues there. I can run the first stage of the compiler just fine, after that 'ar' bails out on me with "as: unrecognized option 'u"...

Any clues? I've got the binutils from the latest GG snapshot on back2roots, it tells me it's version 2.91.

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