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Lightbulb Amiga Juggler real-time reimplementation?

Now that modern GPU hardware has reached the point where it can render ray-traced graphics in real-time, as opposed to the hours-per-frame on the old Amiga...

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in converting or recreating the original 3D models used in the original Amiga Juggler demo, and placing them into a real-time raytraced 3D engine. This would give the same raytraced effects as the original Amiga Juggler demo, but would also add the ability to walk around the scene in real time (with a choice of screen resolutions).

I thought this would be a fitting tribute to the Amiga platform, as well as the evolution in technology which the Amiga paved the way for.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea, once the requisite GPU hardware is mainstream?
(It may already be there...)
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