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It sounds more like some power saving feature causing issues. Make sure GPU and CPU power saving settings are not too high. Temporarily try max power settings to confirm if it is power saving related. Do also separate test with sound emulation disabled.

Check END+F9 bars, they should be stable, topmost bar may flicker, remaining bars should be stable (slight jitter is normal, sometimes larger jump but never more than 1/2 total bar size)

50/60 means monitor refresh rate follows Amiga refresh rate. It should not make any difference if Amiga refresh rate does not change.

Does reducing number of bars (new value in display panel) help? 1 matches old low latency vsync (not really but close enough)

And as usual, attach your config and winuaelog.txt. Exit and re-enter fullscreen mode few times when logging. Include also photo that shows tearing if possible (with END+F9 bars visible).
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