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I UnARc'd to the RAM DISK:

I think the Shared drive is what is causing your issue. I'll see what happens if I use a shared drive (directory).

Yeah, it locked up on me and froze about half way through.

I figured that since OS4.1FE is not really optimized for emulated systems we
would have issues with the Shared drive and never tried it until now.
What I have found (I'm usually wrong about these things so take it with agrain of salt) is that with AF the shared drive is not optimized for
long filenames. I tested it out and I found that:
1. If I change nothing the program halts about half way through and the
emulation freezes.
2. If I change the name of the archive file to Update2.lha (as you did) it un-
arc's to wherever you want it to with the long filename directory and if
I run the program I get GURU's on the filerequester and the setrx commands
as well as the emulation freezing - if I try and run it multiple times I usually
succeed - but that just sucks.
3. If I change the name of the archive to Update2.lha and UnArc it to the
Shared: drive (using the UnArc'iver) and then rename it to Update2 (or some
other shorter name) then the program runs just fine and the update occurs
like it should.
See if this works for you!

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