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Quarter Finals seeding:

Group A:
1. capehorn
2. Loki

Group B:
1. john4p
2. darkwave

Group C:
1. Predseda
2. MikeyG

Group D:
1. jPV
2. Biscuit

1st Quarter Final:

First participant: 1=capehorn, 2=john4p, 3=Predseda, 4=jPV
Rolling a 4-sided die...

So jPV is the first participant.

Now rolling a normal die for his opponent (can't be from his group). 1/2=Loki, 3/4=darkwave, 5/6=MikeyG.

It's a 6. jPV vs MikeyG is the first Quarter Final.

2nd Quarter Final:

First participant: 1/2=capehorn, 3/4=john4p, 5/6=Predseda
Rolling the die...

Another 6. So Predseda is the first participant.

Damn, now my Firefox browser crashed so I had to reopen it.
After I restarted it a 4 was the first number to be rolled automatically:

We'll use it to determine Predseda's opponent: 1/2=Loki, 3/4=darkwave, 5/6=Biscuit

So Predseda vs darkwave is the second Quarter Final.

3rd Quarter Final:

First participant: 1-3=capehorn, 3-6=john4p
Rolling the die...

So john4p is the first participant. Now for his opponent: 1-3=Loki, 4-6=Biscuit
Rolling the die...

So john4p vs Loki is the third Quarter Final.

4th Quarter Final:

Well, only capehorn and Biscuit remain, thus
capehorn vs Biscuit is the fourth Quarter Final.

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