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some more:
Seven Gates of Jambala 257x127 pixels
Dragonflight 271x115
Astaroth 320x129
Warp 189x166
After the War 320x164
Satan 289x160
Castle Warrior 253x173
Baby Jo 305x144
Dogs of War 192x201
Aquatic Games 287x162
Bad Company 320x150
Leatherneck 191x200
Return to Genesis 290x96
Spitting Image 320x133
Silver Star 320x145
Future Space 288x171
Alert 320x173
Belial 320x145
Caverns of Palle 320x173
Metal - A Robot Combat Simulation 320x160
Miami Mice 288x143
Manhattan Dealers 288x151
Colorado 320x148
Le Fetiche Maya 239x202
Mad Show 263x156
Windsurf Willy 261x138
Turbo Trax 320x85 for single player
Tanglewood 223x120

So all these years we played GameBoy games in disguise?

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