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@michael: I AM a technical-minded person (I have maintained the early OS emulation for WHDLoad/JST for ages). It's just that I'm interested in lots of other tech stuff and not focused on the ROMS ATM. Thanks for the short but interesting information you gave.

@Toni: I was expecting that. Doing miracles with C code is difficult. I guess that critical parts of original ROMs are written in assembly. You cannot afford that for a first version or you'll never see the end of it
You mean that structures are different. But you mean internal structures, not structures returned by functions right? Having disassembled a lot of programs (most of them being games) I can see that they all need the correct offsets, including offsets in exec & dos library structures.

Thanks both of you for your replies

Thanks Toni you really are amazing doing excellent things WinUAE development & this ROM project which I consider even in terms of challenge!! We'll build you a monument made with old A500 yellowed cases
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