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I just discovered a display issue with all betas. I tested b2 to the latest.

When Graphics API is DirectDraw and any filter (other than "none") is used, sometimes the screen goes black in some games.
I used Space Harrier (WHDLoad registered) for testing in both A500 and A1200 configurations.
From b2 to b9 the screen goes black after the title screen when in-game and the sound continues to play normally.
From b10 to the latest beta the screen goes black in the title screen and stays black in-game also.

During this if you switch the API to Direct3D or the filter to "none" then the screen returns to normal.

I also tested a floppy version of Space Harrier and it also has this issue, but it seems to be affected by other parameters like vert. position in the filter settings, and it is a bit unpredictable as to when it appears.

In the latest beta the screen returns to normal also if you selected "Fullscreen TV" in the filter settings.

Using latest Catalyst driver and latest DirectX update in Windows 7 x64.
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