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Also you don't need the 'Real_Amiga_Install.ADF' to install on Winuae. Just mount the HDF as prowler says. When you run winuae the setup/activation screen for Classic Workbench will be displayed and you'll be asked to insert a 3.0 or 3.1 workbench disk. Asuuming you have the ADF for that mount it and press enter to continue.

If you choose to upgrade to 3.1 you'll need to mount all the 3.1 disks when prompted if you choose not to upgrade it will just activate off the 3.0 or 3.1 ADF.

Once its finished activating it will promt you to remove the ADF and reset.

It will then load into classic workbench

If you want to put it on your real amiga just copy all the files from the HDF with DOPUS to your amiga hard drive under winuae (I connect mine with a USB-IDE adapter) if you have a CF card for a hard Drive you can use a card reader.

Your Amiga hard drive or CF must be formatted with HDToolbox first unless its already had workbench on it before. In that case as long as you have no important data you can just delete all the files and then copy accross the files from your newly activated Classic Workbench.

Hope I make sense...

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