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Trouble Installing ClassicWB

Hey im not very familliar with the Amiga so I am having a little trouble installing classicWB. I have an A1200 but I am just using the winUAE emulator at the moment.

Here are the steps that i have taken so far;

I set up a windows folder to be a hard drive in the winUAE properites, I labeled the Hard drive DH0. I put the system.hdf file in this folder.

In the floppy drives section I set the DF0 to open the Real_Amiga_Install.ADF file.

Then I click start, and I enter a window that says welcome to the classicWB install to press return to enter.

It then says it will attempt to unzip

Then it says installing for a while, then a bunch of error messages appear but they disapper too quick to read. Then it says No trashcan detected - moving on...
Thanks for installing classicWB
Would you like to delete
i type n and then it says installation complete.

Please remove the install disk and reboot.

I do this and nothing happens, nothing is installed into the windows folder that i was using as the DH0 hard drive, and when I boot winUAE without a boot disk it just boots into AmigaDOS.

Anyone know what im doing wrong?
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