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Yes, provisionally...

...It depends how much work you're prepared to do.

An Amiga (with CD-Rom) can run most CD32 games with the aid of some kind of CD32 'emulation' - how to get a standard CD-ROM to behave like a CD32 one... in particular the Akiko chip.

CD32 running an Amiga CD may be easier or much trickier depending on the CD... may just work but more likely you'll need some kind of WB loaded first - how to do that is the tricky bit...
...AFAIA most Amiga CDs are just 'distribution media'. They aren't bootable & often expect you the install to a HDD before using the software & then there's extra RAM, faster processor that such software often demands...
...ah, and lots of Amiga software will expect a keyboard & mouse...

...sounds like an excuse for a project to me.
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