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Thanks for the welcome, and of course for a great desktop
package. I'm pretty new to Amigas in general, and have been
having a lot of fun with them. Sometimes the ancient hardware
drives me a little nuts, but that's half the fun.

By the way, not to beat a dead horse, but there's another
more direct way to transfer the files
with correct permissions from the mounted HDF file to a real Amiga
partition. If you mount the HDF file with a loop device
e.g. mount -t affs -o loop=/dev/loop System.hdf /mnt/foo
and the physical Amiga partition normally
e.g. mount -t affs /dev/sdaXYZ /mnt/bar
then you can just use tar. Go to /mnt/foo, and do
tar cf - * |(cd /mnt/bar ; tar xfp -)
(note the parens around the commands after the pipe!)
Tar is automatically recursive, the "-" tells it to send its
output to stdout, and the "p" tells it to preserve permissions.
This will be much faster than using unzip on the real Amiga.
I haven't actually tried this with ClassicWB,
but it's a standard way to clone filesystems in Unix-like

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