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A loOOooOng time ago I programmed a phonecode program for a BBS I was a member of.. The UK phonecodes file is 390kb and contains about 50000 codes..

It took a while to sort I'll tell ya!

Here is the history taken from the guide for it

Originally Posted by Bippy's phonecode prog manual
AmPCS Version History

v2.0 beta 7 Released to testers.

1). Removed the 2 text gadgets from the main window, they were useless
from the start (v1.0) as they displayed what the listview did!!

2). Program now uses the system default for all windows and gadgets,
this is because the window would sometimes open with the buttons
dodgy etc.

3). If the window width (When combined with font width) is greater than
your actual screen width, the program will say and will then default
to using TOPAZ 8

4). When printing the Global print list, the search headings will be in

5). The program now works out how wide the font actually is, and sets
the window width from this. Before it used the fontheight, which
would sometimes give odd results.

6). Fixed a bug from the print window, when using the string gadget to
enter a path to print to (Instead of using the button and reqtools)
the program used to overwrite the code file :-( it has now been


v2.0beta 4 Released to testers.

1). Complete rewrite from scratch now Smaller, faster and more features

2). Now asks for confirmation if you enter less than 4 letters when
doing a search, as it could take a while to do the search

3). Now searches all the place name for the match, the search might
return DERby, LondonDERry if searching DER.

4). Uses Reqtools library directly now, much quicker.

5). You can add results to a global print list or simply print the
results of your search

6). Added a better print screen, can print to any named file, or

7). Program not limited to 3 code files now, will allow user to load any
file they have on disk.

8). Added an ID header to the code files, if you have an older file
simply put !AMPCS as the first line in the code file.

9). Added menus to the program

10). Program now uses your system font, no longer the damn Xen Font

11). Program adapts window size to fit the font, some fonts might make
the window look cramped, or not fit the screen properly.. Simply
change the font, or use a bigger screen size.


v1.7 Released

1). Because of my own hind-sight, I assumed all codes in all countries
would start with a 0, unfortunately life isn't that simple, and when
I started the usa codes, i realised this wasn't the case. So some of
the code was completely re-written to take this into account!!

2). Added Australia and USA codes..


v1.6 Released / Fifth Public Release

1). Fixed a Bug in the Print option

2). Fixed Quit Option.. It would give you the Options of selecting
different code files then Quit ?!?!?

3). Now automatically activates the String Gadget and Removes the last
code/place inputted so the user doesn't have to select it, then
delete the contents


v1.5 Released / Fourth Public release

1). Fixed the Freeze bug..

2). The program no-longer loads the codes into memory.. Instead it reads
them from the file off disk, the offshoot is there is a slightly
longer delay when searching.

3). When using the windows close gadget to quit, and then cancelling to
return to AmPCS the program would lock-up Fixed this.

4). You can now have 3 Codes Files and change from one to another during
use.. See @{" Code Files " link CREATE}

5). Optimised the code alot, it now uses one sub-routine to do all the
searching, before it used one routine for Area's and another to
search the codes!!

6). Changed the format of the code files slightly.. This means the old
code files are no longer valid Sorry....

7). The program is about 2k larger with all the additions

8). Added more info to the INFO requester..

9). Completely Updated the guide.

10). Fixed a bug when outputting your results, If entering say a code
that produces 20 results, and then did another search which
produced less than 20 results, and then output results to ram: (Or
wherever, then the outputted file would have 1 to many results...

11). A Bug in previous versions would cause the info requester to
display the incorrect results, it would report double the number of
occurances, this now reports the correct value.


v1.4 Released / Third Public release

1). Reshaped the window slightly.. The listview is now bigger

2). Now displays codes upto 20 digits.. Useful for BBS ads in the codes
file (Enter Stingent as a search to see), or your own private numbers.

3). Filesize is yet again smaller.. It's about 600bytes smaller!

4). Fixed a bug in the display.. If a place had the same letters at the
end it wouldn't display them properly (eg HILL would display as
HIL). (Thanks to Alan Richardson)..

5). It's No longer beta )

6). Removed Makecode.. It was REALLY unreliable and pretty useless!!


v1.3 Last beta release / Second Public Release

1). Added option of printing results. Will print to either your Printer
or to a specified file

2). AmPCS Window now opens in the centre of your screen

3). A bug existed, If you simply pressed return in the codes place the
program would enter a continuous loop, and a reset was required...
Now fixed.. Thanks to Bill Clark for spotting this

4). Can check for codes that don't start with a 0

5). Fixed an error in this guide, it called AmPCS - Fixguide (A previous
program of mine)

6). Added some custom Icons.. Supplied by Mike Hill

7). This guide is spell checked (By Mike Hill) <Well it was >


v1.2 Third beta release / First Public Release

1). Changed the way it stored the codes, now only 1 array is used (As
opposed to 4), and it searches an offset from that array..

2). Because of the above, reading the stdcodes.txt file is now nearly
600% faster It takes 9.8-12secs on my 040 as opposed to 30+secs

3). When quitting the program only freezes your system for max 10secs
(on 040) instead of 30+secs, again because of the arrays

4). Searches are now timed, and results placed in the INFO requester

5). The sort routine is fixed again

6). Search routine maybe /slightly/ slower.. probs 1-2secs slower max

7). Changed a lot of the code, program is now 2k bigger with all the
timer additions


V1.1b Second Beta Release

1). Fixed bug in the Window that pops up.. text would disappear off the
window.. Simple call to use the correct font and a.Ok (Thanks to
Bill Clark and Alan Richardson who both spotted this roughly the
same time.)

2). Name changed to AmPCS.. This is because the beta testers didn't like
the PC <- part of the original name ;-)


V1.0b First beta release - - Sent to the Beta testers


V1.0 interim version
I included it all cuz I can't be arsed to read, I just remember it having speed issues sorting etc..
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