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Originally Posted by ppill View Post
I guess I need to try CSH then. Which version you're using and where can I get it (there seems to be a lot of different ports floating around)?

I'm using Csh 5.31 but I don't think I downloaded it on aminet. (don't remember why) I'll also try the Csh 5.50 from aminet in order to see if it's the same because as you point it right, I think there are many different implementations. I'll try to find back where I downloaded it from.

Here's my .cshrc. It's temporary and uncomplete.

# Docs
set _man sys:agr/apps/utils/Csh-5.31/csh.doc
# Classes
class slave suff=.slave
class slave actions exec="wl"
# Alias
alias l ls
alias ll ls # TODO: pipe more
alias d ls -s
alias m cd :
alias b cd ..

alias less PPLess
alias fm sys:fm
alias fm2 sys:agr/apps/utils/FileMaster/FileMaster-2.1
alias fm3 sys:agr/apps/utils/FileMaster/FileMaster-3.0.68000
alias ced sys:agr/apps/utils/CygnusEd-3.5/CED
alias vz sys:agr/apps/utils/VirusZ-III-1.02/VirusZ

alias ep sys:agr/apps/music/Eagleplayer-2.03/EaglePlayer
alias dt sys:agr/apps/music/DeliTracker-2.32/DeliTracker2

alias wl "%a whdload $a preload"
alias wld "%a cd $a; wl *.slave; cd .."
alias whd "%a wl $a*.slave"

alias whdpack "%a cp $a $a.orig; ProPack p d -m 2 -o $a; echo $a >> packed.txt"

# Sets
set f10 wl "*.slave"^M
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