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Hmmm, well I hope you managed to see the link I posted above before it was lost - nothing but an error now.

It seems has had a forum failure and lost loads of posts:

:: Forum Issues
On October 9th, 2004, due to security concerns we elected to upgrade our forums software to the newest version as recommended by the authors, even though it was in unreleased form (release candidate actually). After doing so, we noted several problems which were reported directly to the programmers.

Upon waking this morning, we discovered inconsistencies with the database meaning all data currently in the system had been cross-entered and was therefore corrupted. As of right now, we have been forced to roll back our forums software and posts to the "last known good" configuration that we had available. This, unfortunately means that all posts after the 9th of October have been lost. Better in our opinion than all posts.

Before you ask, yes, we know the Latest posts module is not exactly working correctly. Something in the transition broke the lastposts module, so we had to reinstall from scratch. We will be rebuilding it ASAP to match our old style. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Hopefully they can still be of help.
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