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Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
In your guide you also have both CFD and FAT95...

What I don't understand us if the Amiga can't read the CF to begin with without loading CFD/FAT95, how will the files on the CF matter since they are not visible.

I want to use it as mass storage.
What I meant was that the Comfy boot disk solution seems to use some other method to use/access the PCMCIA CF card, not the CFD/FAT95 drivers.

You seem to suggest you are using this Comfy boot disk as well as CFD/95 drivers, so there seems to be an overlap there.

As explained in my summary guide, there is a chicken and egg situation of getting the CFD/FAT95 drivers on to your A600/A1200 in the first place. So there needs to be another method to get the CFD/FAT95 drivers on to your A600/A1200, which I have provided some options for in my guide - see the "Getting driver files to Amiga!" page/section. Basically, there are three options - Gotek, CrossDOS or WinUAE.

Since you already mentioned you already have CFD/FAT95 drivers - just make sure it is set up correctly - compare it with the other and my guide. Don't use the 'Comfy' boot disk solution.
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