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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
As I expected, something unexpected was found

I don't have any good explanation. Perhaps MT-32 support was compiled in but was never tested after final release version was built and they didn't notice some Amiga specific build option was missed.

Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
I've updated the WHD versions with your recommended settings now.

I assume you meant copy 9.pat from Police Quest 3 to Castle of Dr Brain and rename it to 1.pat ?
No, must be the "1.pat". If you use "9.pat" the sound will be bad.

In any case, if someone with experience in debugger could eliminate the verification of the file "1.pat", surely renaming the original "1.pat" of "Castle of Dr. Brain" to "9.pat", we would get a MT-32 sound at 100%.

Finally I recommend use CM32 roms instead MT32 under Munt. For example, in "Castle of Dr. Brain" using MT32 roms, I can heard a strange buzz before the Sierra logo.

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