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Well, I've already tested all the Sierra games compatible with MT-32.

"King's Quest V", "Larry 1", "Larry 5", "Conquests of the Longbow", "Space Quest I" and "Space Quest IV" if have one file called "1.PAT" must be renamed to "9.PAT" to play MT-32 sounds correctly without switching source.

"Police Quest III" have both files ("1.PAT" and "9.PAT" also another called "101.PAT") and works fine without doing anything.

However, "Castle of Dr. Brain" does not allow rename "1.PAT", since verify if exists. Although it is possible to improve the sound somewhat if we replace the "1.PAT" file with the one of "Police Quest III".

In this video have the the resultant sounds with MT-32 for all games: [ Show youtube player ]

Who published the video explain in the description that he never got "Castle of Dr. Brain" to sound correctly. I imagine that if someone is able to remove the verification of the "1.PAT" file, it could be renamed to "9.PAT" and it would be heard correctly.

"Quest for Glory II" or "King's Quest I" don't have (or need) the "1.PAT" file, so they also work well without doing anything.

I have not tested "Space Quest III" because the WHD version is only in German.
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