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Zram 8

I have a rev 6 motherboard and have just received my ZRAM 8 card (I did not read this before ordering...
I also have an A2091 SCSI card with 2MB fast ram, in case that makes any difference, but here is what I have found so far:
  • with jumper set to 8MB I get yellow boot screen and flashing power LED
  • with jumper set to 0MB, 2MB or 4MB I boot up and WB and SysInfo report the correct RAM amount, however WHDLoad games all throw a 'software failure' and Amiga reboots
  • I thought I would try setting the A2091 to 0MB but on this the Amiga would not boot
  • with the A2091 on 512k or 1mb the system boots but I cannot access any folders or files on WB
This problem seems a little different to you guys so I am wondering if there is anything else I can try to get this running properly? Is there a way I can disable the ram on the 2091 in case it is conflicting? Is there a way I can test the ram without WHDLoad? (in case the ram is not the issue) - whdload used to work with some games but it was just too slow.
Thanks for any help!
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