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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
Looking back at your pictures, the only suspect is the red cable - the soldering for that does not look good/tidy. Might just be the angle, but it looks like it is going on to other traces.

Also, have you tried re-flashing the Gotek firmware, especially with the latest 3.x version.

The pictures are illusory. The red cable is in its place. Yes I already tried the Gotek with 3.x firmware. It shows same symptom like the 2.x firmware.

My friend earlier tested my Gotek. The gotek works fine in His earlier test. I sent again my Gotek in my friend and He re tested it. The result:
- The Gotek works fine in His one Amiga 500.
- In His other Amiga 500 shows same symptom like my Amigas. (Some games loading is freeze after the crack)

He measured the opened JC jumper with multimater and He saw as though the jumper it would be in closed position. The Gotek motherboad does not seem to injured. It is possible the chip is faulty?

He has two another Amiga 500 Plus. He will try the Gotek with these.

How can it be the Gotek works faulty in five computer but it works fine in one Amiga? It is a big mystery for me.

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