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Yes your video kind works for most HDF's and LHA's but check this out try just dragging these two LHA's


It doesn't work, Only the Image.lha works Files.lha doesn't , you can't even drag JaguarXJ220_v1.6_Files_1200.lha alone into winuae gui. But adding it via the HDD Tab works?

Then after heaps of tries of adding the JaguarXJ220_v1.6_Files_1200.lha by dragging, i added it manually and now my winuae is giving a HALT3 error

Here are the dragged files i added for trial..

I:\HDF's\Chaos Strikes Back & English Utility Disk.hdf (Dragged)
I:\HDF's\Chaos Strikes Back & French Utility Disk.hdf (Dragged)
I:\HDF's\Chaos Strikes Back & German Utility Disk.hdf (Dragged)
I:\HDF's\Jaguar XJ220 (Files).hdf (Dragged)
I:\HDF's\Jaguar XJ220 (Image).hdf (Dragged)
D:\Retroplay\Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games\C\ChaosStrikesBack&EnglishUtilityDisk_v1.2.lha (Dragged)
D:\Retroplay\Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games\C\ChaosStrikesBack&FrenchUtilityDisk_v1.2.lha (Dragged)
D:\Retroplay\Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games\C\ChaosStrikesBack&GermanUtilityDisk_v1.2.lha (Dragged)
D:\Retroplay\Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games\J\JaguarXJ220_v1.6_Files_1200.lha (Manually Added)
D:\Retroplay\Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games\J\JaguarXJ220_v1.6_Image_1200.lha (Dragged)
I:\HDF's\Ransom'sSystemHDF.hdf (Dragged)

Now I am not sure what is causing the problem,I doubt it's because I am using two different source drives... As adding manually I never encounter this problem.

With this setup above i get the Black Screen HALT3 Error???

Two issues here.

1. JaguarXJ220_v1.6_Files_1200.lha Cant Drag, and many other random files.
2. HALT3 error after dragging files from windows and starting winuae session

Remember i never encounter the errors above if adding files manually, and I have been using files like this for about 4 years now
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