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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
I'm finding that I get unnecessarily angry due to several online sources. Every opportunity to read something in the most negative and damning way possible gets abused in an instant.

I find it especially difficult to cope with sites that have an upvote/downvote mechanism. Those are good mechanisms when people can act respectably, but that is far from the case when it comes to the web. Before you know it a well-researched post gets downvoted into oblivion because it isn't what people want to read - and you can't respond to anonymous acts.

Imagine that you are voicing an opinion in a discussion about children and education and your usage of the word "discipline" gets twisted into making it appear like you support beating children. That kind of nonsense that instantly gets picked up by a mob. By the time you see it, usually several hours later, it's too late to correct the idiocy it takes to make a jump like that, you've already become Satan himself.

So I just stay away from those sites. No Reddit and Twitter for me, I'll get my cute cat videos somewhere else. I'm just too old for that shit.
The saying goes you Can't Educate Pork and this lays true in most of the Keyboard Warriors we have out there today! because they are in Fact too Dumb or Arrogant (You Decide ) to read it for what it Actually says does that make Sense? All too often this is the Case that is why I don't use Facebook or Twitter or any of those. YouTube I will use but Most people are ok on there you just get the Occasional dick who you find soon Disappears from the comments for being Reported anyway
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