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Originally Posted by nathanm1991 View Post
Thank you for this Buddy haven't had the Best of evenings and is nice to know i am not alone! Enya now what a Voice she Has! i grew up listening to Enya she Amazes me Still! I am slowly Learning i Suppose, i just tend to carry other Peoples problems as well as my own and sometimes can get too much! i really didn't want to put such a topic like this on here but i have found this Community to be Understanding no matter what the Topic and even if i don't know the Person Personally, it helps just to know someone is there
I find things will generally take care of themselves, like if you suspect that the company you work for is going to be bought out or just plain close, be sure to update your resume and send them out to get noticed.

My last job working for a local computer reseller was going under and at the last minute got purchased but all the building got shipped to CA so nothing left but a few sales people and a small office.

Since one of our customers was always purchasing equipment from us and I had built up a nice relationship with them, I was able to find a position with them in less then one week

Still working for them to this day even...
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