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I'm an avid gamer so there is my outlet

Also, decades ago I used to let things get to me much much more, I just had one too many stress induced headaches and general discomfort and just decided I can focus on more important things in my life.

Basically there are way too many things in REAL LIFE that are really beyond your control so best to adapt as best you can and move on with your life.

Another thing that helped me was grabbing a ton of soundscape type of music CD's over the years.

Even stuff like Enya and the Art of Noise helps to take my mind of things or really lots of music in general will do this, including classics like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc...

Another thing I hardly watch any more is news, not that there can't be good things to know about but everything is so freaking Clickbaity that it really is pure shit in my opinion so why bother.

Also I enjoy things like Steam Trading Cards and just plain watching my Steam Library grow and grow and grow some more
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