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Hi there, I've been getting my 1200 back into service, and I'm currently trying to exchange files between it and the pc with a compact flash card. <br />
Its a bit chicken and egg at the moment. I don't have the files I need on the Amiga like CC0 and Fat95 (is it?) to get the card working, and without the card I don't have an obvious means of getting them. <br />
I thought I would be able to format the card on the Amiga (I have 4 cards) and then use WinUAE on the pc, but the Amiga just says no disk in CC0: THEN I thought I could format the card in WinUAE, but after giving me all the warnings about losing data, it then says the disk is empty. I tried mounting the card as a hard drive but got the same result. Is there a way of doing it? <br />
Should I be able to format a card from the Amiga? Do I need CC0: in devs or something? I've been through some old hard drives looking for something useful, but no luck so far. I've got my Worbench 3.0 floppies around here somewhere. <br />
Any thoughts? :-)
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