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Just took the plunge and added a boxed Comic Relief pack A1200 to my collection..
Comes with all the original software/hardware and in nice condition.
I must be mental but having restored and modded an A500 and repaired and modded an A600 I guess it was only a matter of time until I added the missing unit to my collection.
I tried bidding on a couple of incomplete and 'untested' units on ebay ...but set a limit of £ ..150 each time.
They always went for more and I wasn't prepared to chase the bids to stupid levels.
So I may well have paid too much at £300...but this one is boxed complete,recapped and working so I guess no refurb work this time.
Time to pull in my wings for a bit now as my piggy bank is feeling a bit light.
For now at least collection is complete.

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