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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
Thanks Daminen, no way I'm forgeting this! I have just invested too much time to let it go (design, assets, story, you name it) plus I trully love the whole concept! do I, friggin' great game even though the prototype was a little short; understand that it was a "teaser" and it did just that

Anyone that hasn't given this a bash as yet most definitely should. Definitely for people that loves "Alien Breed" type of games etc...

Can certainly see the potential for great things indeed
Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
But -alas- it's a huge and difficult project and the old team is unfortunately long inactive (talking about the coder primarily as I'm still around anyway).
That's the bad news.
I bet it's a huge project, but very worthwhile

Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
Now the good news is that there's a nice chance this will become an official PixelGlass project.

Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
But as you know we have our hands full with AlarCity currently, so until we're done with it, any further Chaos Guns development is on hold.
Yup, understandable

Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
Success with AlarCity will pretty much be the cornerstone for the continuation of the Chaos Guns project (IF indeed this goes under the flag of PixelGlass and depending on whether the old CG team gets to be reactivated again or not). More so, since already large chunks of AlarCity's design are compatible with Chaos Guns, thus reusing parts of the code remains a possibility.
Fingers crossed
Fingers, toes and anything else I can possibly cross has been done!!!
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