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Originally Posted by clh333 View Post
I hope to replace the boot ROM with v6, at which point the bug in version 1.09 should be moot. They DID find the bug eventually, didn't they?
I assume so. But I may have been a bit pessimistic about the bug's effects. It may be that, purely by luck/chance and depending on your Kickstart version, it doesn't severely affect some Supra controllers.
Originally Posted by clh333 View Post
All in all more than 200 disks; more than the poor ST125 could hold. Hence my urgency to find a solution for the ZIP device. I will publish an inventory when done. There may well be some rarities among the lot.
It's definitely a good idea to save/archive disks before they get so old that the data becomes unreadable. I'd recommend you always use the NOZERO option to DMS when archiving disks by the way.
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