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Originally Posted by clh333 View Post
The pre-XP board used 16 1x1Mb RAM ICs to attain 2 Mb. expansion RAM. The XP board used 16 1x4Mb. ICs to attain 8 Mb expansion RAM. Mine has 16 1x1s.

Given that the ROM check utility identifies the board as "A500 ByteSync/XP" would it be possible to populate with the higher density chips?
Possibly, definitely if the manual says you can.

You can confirm for sure which board type you have by comparing it with the pics on SupraDrive 500, SupraDrive 500/XP.

Some easily noticeable differences are: 500/XP has 16 sockets for RAM chips, and text "AMIGA 500 HARD DISK w/ RAM" near the Amiga connector.
The original model has no RAM sockets and its ROM is next to the 5380 SCSI chip. There is a daughterboard which holds RAM chips.

Looking at the 500/XP board pic, there is 512K, 1MB and 2MB text below each row of RAM sockets. That shows the order in which you'd fill the sockets with 1Mbit RAM chips. But the picture shows four 4MBit chips in the "1MB" row. Presumably that configuration does work. Or maybe whoever owns that specific board was trying to use 4Mbit chips and thought that would work?
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