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As a final note: I reached my objective today, by recognizing, formatting, mounting and addressing an Iomega Zip 100 drive attached to the Amiga 500 through its Supra 500 SCSI interface.

To do so it was necessary to update the software used by the Supra; what was alluded to in version 1 was realized in version 3...

The new version of the Supra tools recognized the ZIP device as ID5, but only after removing termination resistor packs at the HD, which was intermediate in the chain. The Supra HD utility offered defaults for the unformatted ZIP disk which I modified to change the volume name, device ID and partitions.

I then commenced a low-level format of the disk, which hung the machine during the mapping of the disk - one of many hangs during the day. After reboot and some head-scratching I wrote the RDB with new parameters and then with no better plan I opened a DOS cli and invoked a format of my new volume.

To my surprise, DOS complied, and after 6000+ cylinders I had a usable ZIP disk with an icon on the workbench. I dragged several folders from the HD to the ZIP and then invoked the Park utility, which parked the HD and ejected the ZIP.


(I will be upgrading the boot ROM soon - doing this from a floppy drive is like having open-heart surgery and going in through the foot.)

Thanks to all for your help.
Charles Hudson
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