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Jan Beta has done a video on recapping an A2000 power supply.

I watched it first incase there were any traps I should be aware of.

Just be careful when doing a power supply, due to the high voltages, very dangerous.

Otherwise, swapping out the caps is quite straight forward. I personally didn't swap out the 2 big power caps on the AC side, as they still good, might do that later down the track. The DC side caps are the important ones.

Just an FYI, the issue I had with mine, was that when powered on, I had a ticking sound coming from it. It was the regulator (I think that's what it is) close to the output cables, TIC126M. It had burnt out and was causing the ticking sound.

Also, when you are testing, make sure that you ground the board (I was testing with the board out of the shell, and didn't connect ground to the board , stupid mistake on my behalf), and also, make sure you put a load on at least the 5V rail.

I connected a 5W resistor I had lying around between the 5V and GND connectors on one of the Molex connectors.

Works a treat now

Good luck

If you need any more details, let me know.
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