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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
It has nothing whatsoever to do with being big vs being little - the rules are that if you allow even one instance of trademark theft or abuse to go unpunished, you will lose that trademark forever. So the vast majority of companies go all guns blazing when it happens - they don't want to lose ownership of what their company either created or paid good money for.
This is NOT entirely true! I have had some of my work stolen and from big organisations! They place claws in the contract whereby it makes everything work for them.

When a big organisation/company take smaller artists work, they always get out of it! Deep pockets and more knowledge. Yet they kick off big time, when their dirty deeds are conducted on them!

Capcom never stopped that simple version of RE featured in Amiga Format, back in the day. What was that all about?

When it comes to research how much can you do? You are not going to pick up on everything. I could of done my research and still missed the hipoonios case!

After some of the things discussed here, this is probably the nearest Amiga related version of RE, we are going to get!

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