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Hmm, regarding those issues applying shaders depending on the source resolution, I found 3 different cases :

- so with dosbox-daum, pixel shaders are properly applied only to 320x200 it seems ; higher resolution are unreadable
- however when using DosBox via RetroArch and applying shaders, it seems the shader are applied to an already upscaled picture, which gives a blocky picture -- blockier than it should ! It should be woraroundable by disabling the internal dosbox scaler...
- the third case I stumbled upon is when applying shaders to the duganchen fork of dosbox. Here for some reasons, the shader is properly applied whatever the app resolution is : the DOS shell characters look great with the shaders applied and lowres games look good too. Problem is, it doesn't support multipass shaders.

Well, we have a similar issue with FS-UAE -- we need 2 distinct shaders depending on the resolution.

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