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Here is some more stuff for HOL:

- Action Masters
- Alcatraz
- Asterix Operation Hinkelstein (German)
- Battle Isle and Data Disk 1
- Battlehawks 1942
- Bifi Snackzone
- Cannon Fodder (French 2nd edition)
- Donald und das magische Alphabet
- Erben der Erde
- Human Race (German)
- No Greater Glory
- Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe AGA
- Sink or Swim (Merit Studios)
- Syndicate American Revolt
- The Humans (German)

Some notes for the database:

1) Battle Isle and Data Disk 1 were later shipped in a bundle in Germany. The sticker on the front says that the box contains Battle Isle and Data Disk 1. So I think we need a new compilation entry for this release.

2) For Syndicate American Revolt I've included a scan of a letter which proves that the review mentioning 25 new missions is wrong.

3) Vengeance of Excalibur is only on 3 disks in the USA. Only the European release is on 4 disks.
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