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Finally, I've found some times to continue scanning. So here is the next batch:

- BiFi Snack Zone
- Bundesliga Manager Professional Limited Edition
- Empire Soccer 94 (German)
- Games Games Games
- Jim Power (Yet Another Version)
- Loom (German)
- Maniac Mansion (German)
- Nebulus 2
- OloFight AGA
- Pipe Dream
- Pipe Mania (German)
- Simon the Sorcerer AGA
- Slabs
- Snoopy (clean)
- Spot (US Release)
- Their Finest Hour (German)
- Utopia (US Release)
- Utopia The New Worlds
- Zak McKracken (German)
- Zak McKracken (TopShots Deluxe)

Two corrections for HOL:

1) Bundesliga Manager Professional Limited Edition is reported to have 4 disks but there are 5 in the box: Two game disks, two disks with goal scenes and one editor disk.

2) The publisher of those "Games Games Games" boxes was Softgold. Currently none is listed.

As usual, there is more to come...
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