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Originally Posted by Kristian95 View Post
Hey KG, just wanted you to know that I have a WHDLoad of Battlehawks (found out it contained both the fast and slow slave) but when I complete or quit a mission (hit the q key) the game gets stuck with a black screen.... hope the version you're contributing with won't have that "feature" just wanted to warn you about a potential problem...

there seems to be a problem with the slow slave for some reason.

I've just tested the fast slave and I've noticed no problems quitting/selecting missions.

However when I choose the slow slave and select a mission (training or active service), whenever I press q to leave the mission I get a black screen and have to press the quitkey.

I have also noticed that when I select either: Battle of E Solomons or Battle of Santa Cruz (both under active service) I get a blue amigaDos screen saying "Out of Memory during Loadceldata" and have to press the quitkey.

I have tried it with the SPS images and files from an old install (seems to be cracked by quartex I think).
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