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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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I must admit, i was in lack of sleep and certainly dreaming awake.
But the amiga was always about dreaming and hopefully some still dreaming ... Amiga ppc, vampire accelerator... amiga 1000 and so on (others will say lost of time).
in 1985 a multitask computer like the amiga was just a dream.
But my lack of knowledge about coding makes me dream sometimes too big, but in the same time when you see the port of another wolrd 2 from segacd,no long ago, make me think that dreams still become reality from time to time.
If i said why not porting another world 2 !!! The answer would have be that i'm dreaming awake but this is it !! it's a reality.
sam's journey on c64 is a big dream too.
The live without dream is a little boring.
Thanks to all coders and hardware makers who still dreaming and worked so hard without them, the amiga couldn't be so alive today.
Same respect for Meynaf, he did so much dreams come true with his atari -> amiga conversions.
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