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New Amiga Development

I envisage that a diverse and interesting route which could revitalize the Amiga would be a an X86 based board that runs the latest CPU and pulls the Amiga hardware into the X86 chipset.

The idea would be to sell it as a game console with a new Box which maintained compatibility with the old software for playing the Amiga games while having a cut down Amiga OS 4 re compiled for X86.

Either that or an X86 board with Jens chips glued into it to allow compatability with OS 4 re compiled for X86.

In the case of it being a console OS 4 would be a cut down version specificly for operating as a console.

Upgrades such as keyboard and the nessesary OS parts could be purchased to transfigure the machine if the user required additional hardware.

A version could also be made to operate as a media center and offer users an easy way of editing stuff directly off there cameras and doing titleing etc using the toaster which would be OEM on the Media Center edition.

Attack the cable box market by producing a cable box capable of playing Ami 68k games. ( wether pay for use ) or free.

Presentation version for advertising in shops ( an amiga on a card )

These are just some of the ideas I've had, I dont know if they are good bad or ugly but the number of applications I could see for an X86 capable upgraded Amiga are endless and with a modern CPU that wont just up and vanish the Amiga would stand a real chance of kicking Ass against the PC.

Note : I invisage that an X86 Amiga would still follow some decent hardware rules and not use PC nortbridge/ southbridge glue chips but something revolutionary as opposed to evolutionary.

If they can do it - this new crowd that are wanting to buy the IP then I say best of luck to them and have a realy good think about using the software base theyve got.

Peace out.
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