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@ Galahad and Dizzy: yes that's completely true, so much that you could completely make the concept in pieces and start something fresh, disregarding what amiga accomplished in the gone years, do something that take people out of the blue and sells millions. of course this is academic. it's like in supeheroes comics that when you read the stuff from the early eighties you said they deconstructed the genre, yet they renewed it again and again and they still do. you cannot respect or adore the past so much that it stops from inventing the future. obviously i'm not patronizing, i'm just telling a banality that i consider also true. and i'm not saying that this will happen ever for amiga. who knows? i just know that there are in this revolving world places for sure for not yet invented and more useable innovation, and in the end amiga was in the businness of taking human-level technology in users homes. you say there would be no place for a more economic, more smart, more interdependant technology than Apple? i don't think that Apple, not bad as it looks, is more than a computer, so overencumbering enough.
just my 2 cents
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