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sorry, which are the best practices about WOS for cyberstormppc ? (read about 16.1beta better stable then 16.1final ... and correct/important ENVARC: variables to be set ? ...etc...)

and which is the best 68060.library version to use with cybervisionppc ? (46.15 ? or 46.7 ? other ? ......)

and W3D using cybervisionppc ? (version 4.2a with some particular variables to be set in ENVARC: ?)

and how to install correctly OS3.9 with Boing Bag 4 in cyberstormppc + cybervisionppc ? (Amiga ROM Update ...etc.. Is It useful to enable "maprom in fast ram" setting in early cyberstormppc menu (key ESC) while using Amiga ROM Update of boingbag2 patch ? ...etc...)

Is there a guide step by step to install all this stuff software corrctly to have a stable AmigaOS3.9 boing bag 4 with cyberstormppc+cybervisionppc ? I have seen only this one online but It's for blizzardppc+bvisionppc ... not for cyberstormppc+cybervisionppc, or how to exactly adapt this guide to the cyberstormppc+cybervisionppc cards ?


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