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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Because Cloanto are vultures selling what is free (UAE) and what is essentially abandonware (Kickstarts). As long as Cloanto earn money selling AmigaOS, you won't see any free, open AmigaOS. And I know idiots who even pay Cloanto multiple times for the pleasure of "owning" code that Cloanto had nothing to do with in the first place.
Thank you for your reply, I will say, with apologies my friend, that this reads more an idealogical difference as one could argue that they (cloanto) add value to the product, create a legal outlet and point of sale. - both have factual and idealogical points of view - neither of which I necessarily share.

Interestingly as I type - technically its nothing anyone couldn't do - apply for / seek a license albeit kickstart roms or workbench 3.x and make your own product, the feat then would be adding value to the product for the end user =)

Sadly I digress and in so have somewhat derailed this thread, my apologies.

Best idea for a realistic path to open source AmigaOS 3.x

I have two assumptions with this
  • I assume Open Source to mean downloadable and compilable on or for given system(s)
  • I assume AmigaOS 3.x to be the current Workbench 3.1 offered by Cloanto

1. You would need to acquire the FULL rights (not just distribution rights) to Workbench3.1 and any pertaining licenses to earlier work that is included in the current distribution of Workbench 3.1
You could achieve this with some very hard research and communication with the current relevant parties involved. there will be a lot of phone communication and letter writing.

(this in itself is much needed information for hardware/software developers)

Where applicable negotiate with the relevant license holders with purchase offers.
2. Start A GoFundMe, Indigogo or Kickstarter
It may sound stupid, but this is probably your best bet unless your uncle is a rich oil tycoon or Wall Street banker
(... ooh that 'b' was hard to say.. . ... its a tongue twister with that 'W' at the beginning )

This will take a little more research on how to start one of these instances, the legal ramifications of your project and the given agreements you have previously negotiated. I would suggest having a look at some good examples and how to maximize your reach and potential audience / market with your project.

Now, you might dismiss this response as overly obvious or just as absurd - however consider the AROS project and where it got with bounties or perhaps look on youtube on some of perhaps the most absurd Kickstarters that actually got funded.
In Closing
(wow you read all that... and notice my spelling mistake in 'banker'.... ...well played.... well played....)

If there is enough of the community left to want to make this a thing, I do believe it could be - but it would need to be done meticulously in co-operation with a well trusted group within the community and as transparent as possible (given the arrangement of some legal agreements)

One day.... when I win the lottery
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