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Originally Posted by ccapublic View Post
That being said there are plenty of features you swore you'd never implement which are now there or about to be there. ppc and os41 extensions are probably the most famous ones as IMHO they have 95% nothing to do with amiga, still you implemented them
You are wrong. There is nothing OS4 or PPC only specific here (except the QEMU emulator which already existed). All features are usable in OS3, even new "OS4 UAE" extension support works in OS3 and can be useful with programs that use MMU, for example virtual memory or debugging programs.

I still don't do OS4 only features. All features must be usable with OS3 or older too.

So who knows ? Maybe one day you'll decide that this would complete winue by supporting """modern""" amiga hw even if it is not a challenge nor initial winuae spirit...
No. PPC emulation was quite simple, just bolt some black box PPC emulator and it is done. There was no need for me to know how PPC works (except basics). 90% of PPC support was interface and CSPPC features.

Moving to totally unknown emulation "platform" (qemu) would mean starting from the beginning. Everything would be totally unfamiliar to me vs UAE which I know inside out.
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