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And why not one day have the FS-Euae With the help of Almos and Tobias
I think we all PPC Mac users still around are hoping that a certain point both projects will merge, in the meantime the weak and strong point of both projects are:

Pros: Always up-to-date with the parent project WinUAE and therefore the best and accurate Amiga emulation available for all non-Windows machines.
Cons: Not optimized for PPC, no JIT recompiler. To have a reasonable speed on G4 machines accuracy must be kept as low as possible and at this level many programs and demos have glitches.

Pros: Very fast and nice features like led activity for various emulated devices.
Cons: It is based on a quite old source that is inaccurate here and there, expecially in the custom chips emulation. For example if you run the demo Arte (from Sanity) you will notice that on E-UAE the white bars on walls in the tunnel sequence are completely missing, only the floor and ceiling realtime zooming and perspective textures are displayed. On FS-UAE everything is in the right place.

The Arte demo is really a nice benchmark for emulators because it have both parts where only CPU is involved and others where the blitter is called to do the heaviest job: thanks to the activity led of E-UAE is easy to see where the JIT engine operates and where it is the blitter turn.
One thing I have noticed is that FS-UAE 68k cpu emulation is not that bad if compared to the JIT part of E-UAE (look at starfield animation in the middle part of the demo, it runs almost the same speed on both emulators and is a CPU-only part), the great speed advantage of E-UAE is mainly because of its much more simpler custom chips emulation.
Unfortunately there is little that can be do for optimize that part, I think we will never see a JIT emulation for Amiga custom chips because the accuracy in this part is the hearth of the whole emulation.
A G5 machine is the right choice for a decent FS-UAE Amiga emulation at a normal accuracy level, my G4 can't compete on compute power but with a careful tuning here and there the results are of absolute satisfaction :-)
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