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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yeah, CD32 has single 16x512K rom chip. (Only AGA Amiga that has 16-bit ROM data path). Schematics shows "optional" 32-bit/2 chip configuration only.

I think it is A17, not A18. (because addressing is word based, not byte)

Only unmodified non-deinterleaved ROM image works in WinUAE because only way to identify it (so that WinUAE knows that this needs deinterleaving and byteswapping) is to match checksum which only works if image is not modified.

If it is modified, it is assumed to be "normal" 1M image and it is mapped directly, first half to 0xe0 and second half to 0xf8, without byteswapping and deinterleaving.
Thanks for the info toni.

I lifted pin 19 a17 and attached +5v to it and it just stopped it booting and caused strange on screen graphics I tried grounding it and that did not work either?

Has anyone else had any success with this ?
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