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Originally Posted by niobyte View Post

You had read that off the HOL Entry 'Tetris (Infrogrames/Spectrum HoloByte)'

What the 'One version is common, at least one other version is rare' means is that the European version was more widely available (more common) which was distributed by Infogrames.

The Spectrum Holobyte version was mainly for the US Market. I have the US Spectrum Holobyte version including its manual. There is not much difference between the Infogrames and the Spectrum Holobyte release. Main difference is the date between the versions being released.

I also provided a diskscan of the Spectrum Holobyte release (3rd Diskscan).

I have noticed the 1st diskscan which is another Spectrum Holobyte one. Most likely difference with that would be the version number, that is all.
Interesting. I can get this also.
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